French for Translators l

French for Translators l

Study Cycle: 1

Lectures: 30

Seminars: 0

Tutorials: 75

ECTS credit: 6

Lecturer(s): asist. Čobec Katarina, asist. Vršič Zarja, izr. prof. dr. Mezeg Adriana, izr. prof. dr. Vaupot Sonia, prof. dr. Schlamberger Brezar Mojca

The subject consists of 3 sub-subjects:
a) French grammar
b) French Phonetics for Translators and Interpreters
c) French Language and Translation 1

1. French Grammar 1:
Students gain familiarity with the rules of grammatical construction and the relationships between the constituents of a sentence. The course focuses on three levels of description: phrase structure, clause structure and sentence structure. Verb structure is dealt in detail with complete French verb morphology. The lectures are completed with tutorials where students exercise in practising structures, with a focus on the contrasts between French and Slovene and developing the ability to understand and compare grammatical elements of French and Slovene, to use grammatical structures correctly when translating and producing texts in French as well as in translation into Slovene. For every structure, the students pay attention to grammatical elements in their native language and especially to differences between the two languages.

2. French Phonetics for Translators and Interpreters: The students gain familiarity with the fundamentals of French phonetics/phonology, the standard pronunciation of French, the features of the French vowels and consonants, as well as the prosodic features of the French language. They study orthography in relation to pronunciation. The lectures are completed with tutorials in pronunciation. Special emphasis is placed on phonetic and rhetorical elements that are important for interpreting Slovene texts into French.

3. French Language and translation 1:
- Speaking: pair work, group discussion.
- Reading: working with original texts, comprehension exercises.
- Listening: working with audio texts, comprehension exercises.
- Writing: exploring the process of writing. The focus is on general and specialized vocabulary building, collocations, idioms, phrasal verbs etc. and identification of Slovene translation equivalents and a contrastive approach. Additional emphasis will be put on developing higher-level reading skills and rewriting of different types of source texts as well as translation.