Pri založbi Oxford University Press izšla knjiga Petra Ludlowa in Saša Živanovića

Pri prestižni založbi Oxford University Press je pravkar (2022) izšla znanstvena monografija z naslovom Language, Form, and Logic avtorjev Petra Ludlowa in Saša Živanovića (Oddelek za primerjalno in splošno jezikoslovje Filozofske fakultete). Ta čudovita knjiga je plod dvajsetih let skupnega dela filozofa in jezikoslovca. Čestitamo!


»And here is where there story gets interesting, for earlier we mentioned that some of the towns are controlled by angels and some by demons, and as it turns out the angels and the demons do not let just anybody into their town. You see, angels are quite fond of gold, and they will only let Perceval enter if he is wearing gold armor (which represents positive polarity).  Demons, on the other hand, are quite fond of silver, and they will only let Perceval enter if he is wearing silver armor (which represents negative polarity).  […] The alchemist towns are a different story altogether [...] the alchemists controlling them take great delight in changing the metallic composition of Perceval's armor. If he shows up in gold, they will change his armor to silver.  If he shows up in silver, they will transmute it to gold.« (Ludlow, P. and Živanović S.: Language, Form, and Logic. - Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2022, str. 106)

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